These are Hamilton County’s Democratic candidates who have picked up nominating petitions of March 21, 2018.  For an up-to-the minute list, visit the Hamilton County Election Commission website.

Candidates for County Offices

Aloyse Brown, County Mayor: facebook | email | 423-667-7582
George Ryan Love, County Mayor: facebook
Vickie Schroyer, Register of Deeds: facebook | email | 423-551-1822
Victor Miller, Sheriff: website | facebook | twitteremail  | 423-298-6432

Elizabeth Baker, County Commission District 2: websitefacebook | twitter | email423-596-8001
Rosabelle Gorman, County Commission District 3: website
Warren Mackey, County Commission District 4
Kelvin Scott, County Commission District 4
Greg Beck, County Commission District 5: facebook
Katherlyn Geter, County Commission District 5: websitefacebook | twitter | email
David Sharpe, County Commission District 6: websitefacebook

Candidates for State Offices

Mark E. Clayton, Governor

Tracy Allen Clough, Governor

Karl Dean, Governor:

Craig Fitzhugh, Governor

Toney Randall Mitchell, Governor

Johnny Nelson, Governor

Mezianne Payne, Governor

David Jones, State House District 26:

Jean-Marie Lawrence, State House District 26

Danielle Johnson, State House District 27:

Jackie Anderson Thomas, State House District 28

Dennis ClarkDennis Clark, State House District 28: 
websitefacebook | email | 423-228-0830





Yusuf A. Hakeem, State House District 28:

Melody ShekariMelody Shekari, State House District 28:
website | twitter | instagram | email423-228-0267




Brandon Woodruff, State House District 28

Tammy Magouirk, State House District 29:

Joda ThongnopnuaJoda Thongnopnua, State House District 30:
website | facebook | twitter | instagram






Chris Andersen, State Executive Committeeman District 10
Sandy Norris Smith, State Executive Committeewoman District 10
Khristy Wilkinson, State Executive Committeewoman District 10
Ryan V. Scofield, State Executive Committeeman District 11
Rachel Campbell, State Executive Committeewoman District 11

Candidates for Federal Offices

Dr Danielle MitchellDr. Danielle Mitchell, US House District 3:
website | facebook | instagram |  twitter






Johann Milhous Bachmann, US Senate

Former Gov. Phil Bredesen, US Senate:

Gary Davis, US Senate

David W. Kent, US Senate

Howard Cary Morris, US Senate

Lynnette P. Williams, US Senate

John McConnell Wolfe, US Senate